Semi Bespoke Order
95%Handmade \230,000~
100% Handmade ¥315,000~

LAST: House last with a modification
Trial Fitting : Yes
Design : Design Samples

Original order shoes are based on our house last with a modification and design from our original samples.


FULL ORDER(採寸、木型、型紙、仮縫い込)

Full Bespoke Order

 95%Handmade \290,000~
 100%Handmade \375,000~

Our Full Order shoes are built on a last that has been created for a customer.

LAST :Your original last
※We keep your modified last. You can use your last for next order.The price of the second shoes will start from \230,000(95% Handmade) / \315,000(100% Handmade).
Trial Fittings : Yes
Design : Your own design


 Original shoe tree \29,000
 Vintage Steel \4,000


We offer repairing only for shoes made by CLEMATIS.

The differences between 95% handmade and 100% handmade.

95% handmade
Outsole stitching is made by machine and hand.
Stitching part of arch by hand cause better fitting than just all machine stitched sole. You can get the shoes with shaped appearance and good fitting with reasonable price.

This is entirely handmade. You can see the very dense and fine hand sole stitching.